The Intern (2015)

The intern (starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway) is a comedy about a successful CEO of a internet shopping site and a retired man in his 70s. The two cross paths when the company decides to start a senior intern program. We watch as the 2 protagonists form an unlikely bond that can only be described as meant to be.

I was in the mood for something funny and happy. The type of movie that is being shown less and less because people just want action. I had seen the trailer for this film and jumped at the chance of watching the preview screening. The film starts off as most comedies do. With a sweet story that is used to establish the first character. I loved how the characters were quickly established and the audience did too. It is amazing to watch a audience respond so quickly to characters. I feel that the quicker a character is established and the quicker the audience grasp the character, the quicker they relate.

I watched the movie thinking I want my own Ben Wittaker to drive me around and fetch me chicken soup. He was such a well written character and I enjoyed watching as he helped the other characters in the film. Robert De Niro, who plays Ben, really allowed the caring and compassionate nature of the character to come out in his performance. And as for Jules Ostin, played by Anne Hathaway, she had such a lovely essence. It was wonderful to watch a protagonist be so down to earth. I sometimes feel that protagonist’s are played as big heros which for me detracts from the personality of the character but Anne Hathaway managed to tone down the hero aspect and focused a lot more on the human aspect which really worked for her and the film.

I must say I loved the movie. It wasn’t the greatest piece of cinema I had ever witnessed but it was innocent and happy. In terms of the technicality of the film, the editing was smooth and strait forward and the cinematography was typical comedy. Lots of reaction shots and two shots but it worked. Why go against a formula that works? The film is a comedy and they stuck to the genre. The script was predictable however it did not worry me because I was simply just enjoying the movie. I hadn’t been to the movies in such a long time because every movie on circuit was action or heavy drama and this one seemed to break the trend. Which for me was most welcome.

Hey, Hollywood some of us still love a good lighthearted comedy!

*Lights out*

xxxthe intern


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