The daily show… With Trevor Noah

Over the past week or so EVERYONE has been talking about the daily show and Trevor Noah. Mr Noah officially took over from Jon Stewart and has attracted a lot of press because of it. I with many other interested South African’s tuned in last week to watch the first episode of the daily show with it’s new host.

Now, I do not follow American politics so I didn’t really understand many of the jokes. I followed a bit and understood a few of the jabs made at various stories and politicians but honestly I didn’t tune in for the ‘american news’ I tuned in because Trevor Noah is one of our very own. He is a South African comedian and that fact was the reason I decided to watch his show.

Trevor is funny. There is no doubt he is a funny guy and I enjoy watching him. However, he is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have heard reviews saying that he just talks a lot or that he is just trying to be like Mr Stewart. But that is show business. Some people are gonna love it and others are going to hate. I think that Trevor just needs to find his rhythm. He will get into the groove of things and figure out what works for him and what doesn’t.

Having said that, I feel that he now has a whole new realm of responsibilities to keep in mind. He now carries the label of ‘made it.’ He made it. He started in South Africa and he made it all the way to new york and for many people watching The Daily show from back home, he resembles dreams that some people only dream of achieving. And he needs to keep this in mind. He needs to understand that he is a role model for many people and that they are all looking up to him. He needs to deal with that wisely and not let his fans down.

I for one am very excited to see what Trevor comes up with and I am even more excited to see how he deals with everything that is going to be thrown at him. And I have all faith that he will continue to inspire people with his success.


*lights out*



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