Burn the floor (24 September 2015)

I was lucky enough to see the show ‘Burn the Floor.’ Having previously learned Ballroom and Latin dance, I was very excited to see how these dance forms could be transformed into a stage show. I had heard great reviews about this show and had very high expectations…

Well, WHAT A SHOW IT WAS! Everything from the production design to the lights. The costumes and the chorography, was nothing less of world class. I was completely mesmerized from the moment the male vocalist gave his introduction to the second the cast took their final bow.

If I had to choose one word to sum up the show it would have to be fast. The show is so fast that if you blink, you can miss out. There was no time for wondering minds, which is a great accomplishment for the show’s producers. I always say that if I don’t have time to look for mistakes, then it’s a show worth watching.

The one thing that this show handled so beautifully was the transitions between pieces. There was no awkward silence or dramatic pause, rather there was a sense of magicians slight of hand. One moment I was watching a couple on one side of the stage and the next my eyes were led to the aisle where a vocalist would be singing. The lighting team did such a good job. The different spotlight performances were so on point. It felt as if the lights were a dancer in there own right, moving from dancer to dancer in time with the music.

The costume department did such a good job with bringing some organization to the hype and excitement that the dancers brought to the show. For most of the pieces, the couples were colour coded so you could quickly make a distinction between each couple and each movement. This helped to follow a story when the dance portrayed one. A moment where this was especially effective was when the dances switched partners. It helped me to refocus on the dancers that I specifically loved watching.

There is nothing better than a live band and this band did not disappoint. The Drummer and percussionist were positioned on stage, which really gave the show a dance club like feel which I really loved. The drum set on stage worked to quickly put the audience into the space of where the dance was set. This aided the set design, which was also done so beautifully. The set was both realistic and practical and didn’t out shine the dancers.

There was no playing around when it came to establishing any part of the show. From the moment we sat down, the audience knew that they were in for a high paced, energy full performance that would be anything but boring. This show really isn’t your grandma’s type of ballroom. It is modern and up to date. The only criticism I have is that the show was on for such a short period of time. However, I will defiantly be booking my ticket when the cast comes back and I would suggest you do too!

*Lights out*


Us with Johannes Radebe, the newest South African to join the cast of Burn the Floor.
Us with Johannes Radebe, the newest South African to join the cast of Burn the Floor.

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