Adele- 25

I just got Adele’s new album- 25. First of all I would like to give her a pat on the back for not rushing her creative process and releasing an album that was mediocre. She took her time and wrote from her heart and THIS needs to be commended. I like nothing less than artists who feel that they need to get new music out there quickly and rushed. The best music is music that is created with patience and dedication, not haste.

I need to be honest, I think that releasing ‘Hello’ as the first single of her album was not the best choice. For me personally, I feel like there are so many other songs on the album that are so much better than ‘Hello.’ Don’t get me wrong, Adele can sing anything and sound like an angel but “Hello” was not the big comeback song that I was expecting. Having said that, now that I have listened to the album, “Hello” really is just the beginning to the story she is telling.

I love “when we were young.” When this song came out I got so excited. I think that she should have released this first. It is catchy, meaningful and its an exciting song to hear coming from Adele. I also really enjoyed “Remedy” and “Water under the bridge”

Adele has received a lot of press for her choices regarding her music and timing. I have read reports saying that she shouldn’t have taken so long to realize new music. other articles have said that she needs to get over this phase and move on with her life. Make different music not just ‘break up music.’ Many celebrities were tweeting that her new music makes them miss people they didn’t even know. And to some extent I get what all the press is saying however, Adele is an artist and she has the most unbelievable voice! She deserves to make music about what she wants and to release it when she feels she should. If she listened to all the gossip and negativity than her music would not be half as close to how amazing it is.

I listen to her sing and I can feel the emotion and intent in every single word. She loves the art that she creates and she shows this off to the world. Adele is one unique artist and that to me is irreplaceable. We do not need any more generic pop bands singling about love. We need raw, truthful, beautiful music that makes us feel something inside. We need to be able to let the music touch us and Adele has the formula down to a science. Her melodies are beautiful, her lyrics are so meaningful and her voice is unbelievable.

Adele, thank you for sharing your g-d given talent with the world!

*lights out*




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