Focus (2015)

Hi Everyone,

I know this movie did come out a long while ago but I only managed to see it recently, cause you know… life.. Anyway, WHAT A MOVIE! This movie is absolutely going into my top 10. I loved every minute of it and would recommend it to everyone out there!!

The movie is about a group of professional thieves. Sounds ridiculous right but oh my goodness the way this movie was executed was just brilliant! The tagline goes as follows: never lose focus. 3 words. That’s it! And it sums the entire movie up so effortlessly. My eyes were glued to screen from the first moment and I was out of breath by the end.

Being a film student I am going to the movie. Its going to happen so just get used to it. Will Smith and Margot Robbie were brilliant. I know she is known for acting besides Leo in the ‘Wolf of Wall street’ but I really feel that she was so much stronger in this film. I watched both films one day after another and can confidently say that I loved her performance in ‘Focus’.

The camera work together with the editing in this film was genius! I was always taught that editing makes a difference when it comes to creating a film but I never really understood it until this film. The way that they manipulate the shots and the audience’s eye is so smart. It isn’t something that you will notice right a way but without even realizing it, the manipulation aids to your understand of the story.

I think that my favorite part of the film was the physicality of the acting. They way that the actors displayed slight of hand when performing their ‘stunts’ was so smooth that even I lost of track of where the stolen goods where going. It made it so fascinating to watch and for a moment I wanted to be a thief in their gang because it was so smooth and so slik.

All in all this movie was one of my best. If you have not yet seen this genius film I suggest you make an effort to get it and watch it. I love movies that mess with your mind and force you to think and this movie hit that spot but perfectly. Just DONT. LOSE. FOCUS!

Natalia xxx

*lights out*


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