Megan Trainer “Me too”

Hi guys,

So while attempting to write a research paper, I came across Megan Trainers new music video “Me too”. It was only published today and already has 405, 635 views! And I totally get why, this song is awesome. At the moment Megan is one of my favorite artists and celebrities. She is hilarious on Snapchat, markets her work so well on Instagram and is just writing great stuff. She has been posting previews and sneak peak footage of her new album “Thank you” on Instagram and I for one am so excited to hear it once it is released on May 13.

Since I first heard Megan with ‘All about that Bass’ I have loved her. I know there has been speculation about her style of music and the themes she chooses to write about but I do not agree. I love her voice and I love what she is doing with it. I felt like ‘All about that base’ was her being her and its something I admire. In Hollywood I feel like artists can become lost in what they should be portraying and forget who they are, so when I hear or see a artists being themselves I am automatically drawn in. I think this is why Miss Trainer has such a huge fan base so early on in her career. Her audience can relate to her. I mean, ‘Dear Future Husband’ is exactly what so many of us girls are thinking but no one has been able to put it together for a single. Boys, you guys need to know the right way to treat a girl. We get to listen to what you expect from us all day, why can’t you get a taste of it for yourselves?

Her new single “Me too” can be called self indulgent however I think it is awesome. In the song she expresses her self love and her gratitude for being who she is. If that isn’t something worth singing about than I don’t know what is. Why not sing about how important it is to love yourself? So many people struggle with this idea and if she feels confident enough to show people it is ok to love yourself I say, GO FOR IT! She is spreading some really positive messages and this is something people forget to do.

I am eagerly awaiting may 13th because I can already tell that this album is going to be on REPEAT for a really long time! Megan, I am supporting you all the way!!  You guys need to go check this new video out. You all can watch it on Megan Trainers VEVO page on youtube.





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