Starbucks South Africa

Hi guys,

So on the 21st of April South Africa joined the large list of countries to serve Starbucks coffee. The store opened in Rosebank to great reviews. I am not really a hype type of person so instead of going to stand in the hour long queues that formed outside the shop, I waited for the hysteria to calm down and decided to go visit the shop yesterday. We only waited about 15 minutes for our drinks and I must say it was GREAT.

The shop has such a cool vibe to it and it is so spacious. There is ample space inside and outside for you to sit and enjoy a yummy cup of coffee. I was really impressed with how the store matched up to any other Starbucks anywhere else in the world. It didn’t feel like a South African adaption of the brand, rather it felt like the brand in a new home. The shop felt homely and comfortable like I was visiting a old friend.

One of my go to drinks is a hot chocolate. There is nothing worse than a bad one and there is nothing better than a good one and this one was extra good! The chocolate flavour was so rich and delicious and it wasn’t to sweet. So for me it was perfect. The coffee ,of course, was delicious. The sweet hint of syrup and the bitter, rich flavour of coffee bean made for the perfect cup.

And of course what would Starbucks be without a wifi connection? Any traveler knows that Starbucks is the go to place for good wifi. Think about it, how many pictures have you sent from a Starbucks anywhere in the world to friends and family from overseas? I know I have sent a few… Well, our South African shop doesn’t disappoint in that respect either. The Wifi worked well. I was able to WhatsApp my mom and post a picture of my coffee on Instagram.

I really enjoyed my morning at Starbucks. Great company, Delicious coffee, wifi and the feeling of warm winter sun on my skin. How can it get better than that? I have a feeling I will be visiting Rosebank a whole lot more in times to come.




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