Troye Sivan

Hi guys,

So this past weekend saw the annual BIlboard music awards in Las vagas. It’s a really great awards show because it recognizes all the music that we listen to on the radio. This year there were some great performances and there is one that has really stuck with me. 

Troye Sivan was born in South Africa, moved to Australia, starred in Spud the movie and is now starting to take over the music world. He performed “youth” at the awards ceremony and I was pleasantly surprised.  He is a young 21 year old and it is translating through his music. He looked like he belonged on the stage. He didn’t need backup dancers or crazy costumes. It was just him, his music, some laser lights and it was fantastic!

After I watched his performance I went to have a look at the official music video for the song. It was really refreshing. His music feels different to me which I love. His music video stayed true to the theme of the song which is being young and it worked for me. In the video Troye and his friends are having a house party and it looks like they are having a ball! The video features Troye flirting with a really cute guy. What I liked about the video was that it showed all types of couples. It wasn’t a ‘gay’ music video just because he is gay. Rather it was an all inclusive, awesome video that focuses on the music and not the sexual orientation of the artist. 

I loved Troye in spud. I saw all three movies and laughed my way through them all. Now that I have seen what Troye can do with music I am so excited to see what the future holds for him! He received the hashtag of #onetowatch at the BIlBoard awards and I am certainly watching out for him! Call me a fan, I won’t deny it… 




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