Thank you- Megan Trainor

Hi guys,

So as you all know I was so excited for this album and I could not wait to hear what Megan had up her sleeve. Well, since I got this album I HAVE NOT STOPPED LISTENING TO IT. I love it! The album includes the happy go lucky, bubbly, life loving sound that Megan is known for with a softer side of her that we haven’t heard so much of yet. I have heard some people say that her album is ok and it is not their favorite CD but i happen to think that it is great and I have been happily jamming to it in my car for the past week and a bit.

The first single that was released from the album was no and I did not love it at first but it has certainly grown on me. It introduced us to the ‘growing’ sounds of Miss Trainor and almost set the theme for the album. However when I got the chance to listen to the whole album from beginning to end, I was pleasantly surprised by the softer songs that are there. Songs like hopeless romantic, kindly calm me down and just a friend to you really let us in to the ‘human’ side of Megan. I put human in inverted commas because sometimes we make celebrities out to be immortal beings when in actuality they are just normal people like us.

Other songs on the album like Me too, Champagne problems and I love me reminded me of why I love Megan. Her priority in her music is to make her audience feel good and I love that. We all have our dark, hide away days when we need music that expresses how dark we feel inside but Megan’s music is just happy music that you can always listen to if you need a kick. I really believe that this is what sets Miss Trainor apart from other artists. Her music might not be on the same scale as songs like “Wind beneath my wings” by Bette Midler, but her music is certainly different because of the positive messages she sends out through her lyrics.

I am really happy to be able to add ‘Thank you’ to my iPod and I foresee many hours lying on the beach singing “If I was you, I’d want to be me too.” Her album is available to purchase on iTunes and hopefully you guys all go out and get yourselves your own copy 😀 I hope you all enjoy the album as much as I am and I can’t wait to follow Megan Trainor into her very bright future ahead!




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