The 70th Annual Tony awards

Hi guys,

So, anyone who knows me know that I am a broadway FANATIC! I love all things broadway. I am constantly researching what is happening in the broadway community and I watch pretty much every video I can find about the subject. I especially love musicals and am constantly inspired by how music moves people. Some people think musicals are silly and cliche but I know that musicals change people.

James Cordon hosted this years Tony show. (If you have not yet stumbled upon a carpool karaoke video of his then you are really missing out. They are HILARIOUS.) I was very excited about it because I find him very funny and its apparent how much he appreciates his job and the industry that he is in. He opened the show with a very emotional tribute to the Chicago terrorist attack victims. He said “You are not on your own right now. Your tragedy is our tragedy. Theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, embraced and is loved. Hate will never win” While watching this monologue I could feel the emotion and truthfulness in what he was saying. This was one of many moving moments that happened throughout the night.

His opening number was also fantastic. In the number he expresses his love for theater and how it has been apart of him since he was a little boy. The song had funny moments and some touching ones. Towards the end of the song all the musical performance nominees were brought on stage and everyone sang about how anyone can make their theater dreams come true. It was a really great moment.

I find that any awards show is about so much more than just the awards. The Emmy’s celebrate TV, the Oscars celebrate film and the Tony’s celebrate theater and it truly is something that deserves celebrating. I think that it must have been extremely difficult to choose the winners this year because there were so many moving plays and musicals that have taken place throughout the year. Theater rarely means nothing anymore. The stories that people are choosing to tell are all so powerful and all hold such special meaning.

Hamilton won BIG time this year. They made history by being nominated for 16 tony awards. They won 11 Tony awards which is an amazing accomplishment. After watching their performance and listening to Lin-Manual give his acceptance sonnet I understand why the musical has made such an impact. Combining a history story with hip hop music really is a new and exciting idea. It makes the story accessible for the youth. Many young people will say they do not enjoy history because it is boring. Well with music and choreography like this, Hamilton could never be boring!

Besides for Hamilton, there were 2 performances that stood out for me. ‘Waitress’ and ‘Bright star.’

Waitress is based on a film of the same title that follows the story about an extraordinary pie baker who works in a Diner. Stuck in a unhappy marriage she learns that she deserves to be happy and gains the courage to chase after what she truly wants. The music for the broadway musical was written and composed by Sarah Bereilles, an extremely talented artist with a unique sound. Together with the equally as talented Jessie Mueller, they manage to bring the story and music to life. I am obsessed with the song “She used to be mine” from the musical and can’t help but cry every time I hear it. The lyrics are so truthful and the melody is so beautiful. It is the PERFECT combination. The performance at the Tony’s was no exception. Sarah appeared on stage and sang the beginning of the song and Jessie finished it off with an extremely emotional performance. it was beautiful.

Bright Star is about a true story that took place during the early 1940s in North Carolina. The musical was written by Steve Martin and he also composed the music. I didn’t know much about the play until I watched the performance at the Tony’s. I was completely taken aback by how good it was. The music was so moving. It is not your typical musical theater kind of music. It was deep and heart wrenching. I absolutely loved it. I was sad to find out that the show set a closing date for the end of the month. I feel like the show did not get as much praise as it so clearly deserved. I wish I could have seen this show live because if it managed to touch me from over the internet I can only imagine the impact it must have live.

I feel like this years Tony awards show was filled with so much heart and happiness even though it was dedicated to the terrible tragedy that was the Orlando attack. Every Tony winner mentioned how lucky they felt to be apart of such an inclusive, accepting, creative and loving community. It goes to show that in a world with so much evil there are still good people and that is the strongest message possible. Some one or some people wanted to hurt a group of people for being different and they succeeded. Many people lost loved ones because of the hate. However, on the same day a different group of people tried to comfort those hurt by reassuring them that there is a place where everyone is accepted. No matter who you are. That place is the theater.




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