Finding Dory 2016

Hey guys,

So yesterday the 13-year long wait ended. We finally got to go see Finding Dory! I was really excited to see this film because Dory was my favourite character in Finding Nemo. So what could be better than a whole film dedicated to my favourite character?

Let me start by saying the film is super cute. Baby dory is the cutest fish you will ever see! I really want someone to get me on for my birthday… Nemo is as charming as ever and Marlin is even more caring, if that is even possible. The storyline is similar to Finding Nemo. The fish set out on an adventure to find something. For the first film Marlin sets out to find Nemo, in the sequel they set out to find Dory’s family. While the plot may be the same, personally I didn’t go to see the film because I wanted to hear a new story. I went to see the film because I wanted to catch up with old friends. And I feel like this is where everyone is clashing.

I have read a lot of reviews of the film and many people are saying that it was nothing new. However, it is not a new ‘family’ so to speak of characters. We know the characters of Finding Nemo and we love them. If I wanted to go, see a new story I would have waited to see ‘The secret life of pets’ (which by the way looks great!) But I wanted to see what Nemo, Dory and the gang were up to. The film had a comforting sense of familiarity, which I loved. As people we grow, we develop it only makes sense that our favourite characters develop with us.

Disney and Pixar are experts when it comes to creating heart warming moments and tear jerking sequences and they didn’t disappoint. It is moments like these that give the adults in the audience something to watch. Animation is not only for children; the parents need something to hold their attention too. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the film just as much, if not more than my little brother did and it is because it is filled with emotion and memories.

The film is also beautiful. Animation just seems to be getting better and better. The colours of the reefs where the fish live are so bright and happy. It makes you wonder why any fish would want to leave home in the first place. I love watching animations because it is almost magical how animators create these detailed worlds from nothing. Every fin, every scale, every piece of sea weed needs to be carefully planned out and drawn to absolute perfection. No wonder it took such a long time for the film to be released! Disney and Pixar animations are done so well, that you forget it isn’t real, the characters draw you in to their worlds in such a way that you feel for them. I want to be a part of their world, and that’s the magic of filmmaking.

Not only did it look beautiful but it sounded great. Ellen did such an awesome job being the voice of Dory. She kept her hilarious charm that we all love and transported it into Dory. She didn’t try and mask her voice, Dory did sound like Ellen and being a avid fan of hers I could tell in an instant that it was her but it didn’t matter because there is no better person to give Dory a voice. Dory is Ellen and Ellen is Dory and that is just how it is.

Disney and Pixar always manage to comment on the importance of family and supporting people you care for. Family is very important and sometimes it does not necessarily mean your blood family. Family can be anyone who cares about you and wants you to be safe and happy. This message was apparent in the film however I felt like there was another message laced within the film. This one about change. Some fish enjoyed living in the aquarium and some wanted to go free, but any animal should not be restricted to a small box. They should all be free to live how they are meant to.

There was an octopus in the film who wanted to go on to become a permanent exhibit at the aquarium but Dory convinces him that he needs to be brave in order to live out his destiny in the ocean. Before Dory, the Octopus, Hank, would never had had the guts to go free and live a carefree life. Dory shows him that with a little love and care you can do anything. She also speaks about the unpredictability of life and how sometimes the best memories and experiences come from things that weren’t planned. It is amazing how much we can all learn from Dory.

She has her challenges; she suffers from short term memory loss (or as Dory likes to call it ‘short term rememoring loss) But she does not let that stop her. When she puts her mind to something she achieves it and it goes to show the power of the mind. People sometimes like to give up because things get to hard. Work is difficult, exams are stressful, relationships are effortful and life is just a whole lot of curveballs thrown at you from every direction. But all these things aid us in becoming happy and life is to short to be unhappy. Sometimes we all just have to be like Dory and Just keep swimming, no matter how strong the current may be…..






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