Michael Buble is back!

Hi guys,

OK, so VERY exciting news! The one and only Mr (wonderful) Michael Buble just released a brand new song off of his new album which is due to be released on October 19th! How exciting is that? Nobody but me was released today and having already listened to it at least 6 times, all I can say is.. I love this man!

I have grown up listening and adoring Michale Buble and have been fortunate enough to see him live twice. I have watched every Christmas special he has done and I have been glued to my screen for all of his facebook live chats. He closed his last tour right here in South Africa and I was lucky enough to attend his final concert of his ‘To be loved’ tour. He brought his entire team, including his wife, onto the stage and announced he was taking some time off to concentrate on his family and his music.

Now he is making his return and I am so excited. His new single which was released today on the radio is called Nobody but me. It is an upbeat, happy song that gets your feet tapping from the moment you hear the first bar.

There is not much news about his new album out yet but we know that it will be landing on the 19th of October so keep an eye out and I can’t wait to share my thoughts about this new album when it is released!


*lights out*






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