New from OLLY MURS

Hi guys,

So there is a lot of new stuff being released in the music world at the moment! DNCE released a controversial new music video this week, Michael Buble released his new music video for ‘nobody but me’ (Look out for a post on that) and Olly Murs released his new Music video for Grow up.

I just finished watching his music video and it is so great! The title of the song gives the concept away a bit- it is about growing up! In a relationship sense, that is. Realizing that in a relationship there are two sides and to make it work it requires you to give and take. It is about overcoming your insecurities in order to make your relationship last. It has a pretty universal message to it which is great.

I have always loved Olly Murs, ever since he was on the ‘X factor’ in 2009. There is such a friendly vibe to his music and it is really refreshing to hear. His music has a bit of an Indie theme throughout and in its own unique way, it celebrates what British music is all about. On top of his talent, he is VERY easy on the eyes which never hurts…

Back to his music video, he has very cleverly used little kids to showcase the theme of the song. The story goes as follows: he is creating his music video and his production crew consists of little kids! And it is extremely cute. I was able to pick up the concept right away- He is the ‘grown up’ in the world of children. Instead of belittling the children, however, there is the idea that even though they are children he (Olly) can respect them and they can all work together. I presume this is to contrast the immature behavior he is singing about.

I kind of love it when artists write songs that are personal and they don’t keep it a secret. It shows that they are human but are able to channel their frustrations/ feelings/ experiences into their music- a healthy way of dealing with conflicts in their lives. This is what Olly has always done and I respect him for not giving up on who he is as a person and artist. After almost 8 years in the industry, he still remains authentic. Good Job Olly!!

His video is able to watch on youtube on his VEVO channel 😀

*lights out*




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