Four- Night Crossover invasion- DC

Hi guys,

OK so I am not the biggest superhero fan and I am not claiming to be, however, the latest 4 episode crossover extravaganza from DC was EPIC! I watched the network’s superhero shows on and off since The Flash started. I love the idea of bringing comics to TV, it seems like a clever way to ensure the characters don’t age.

I loved The first season of The Flash. I love Grant Gustin and I loved the way that he brought The Flash to life. However, for some reason, I could not get into the second season of the show. I felt a bit removed when the whole multi-universe/ time jumping /future changing thing started. It kind of felt too complicated for me but I still kept up via social media so I had an idea of what was going on in the show.

I came into the whole DC thing later on than most people and for this reason, I never watched the arrow. Not because I didn’t want to but because I felt I was too far behind. Same thing with Legends of Tomorrow. However, I am obsessed with Supergirl! I love love LOVE that show and have loved it since I watched the first episode last year. I also enjoyed watching Melissa Benoist because I knew her from Glee (my comfort series). Chyler Leigh also stars in the show and since I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, I was very happy to see her on screen again.

The another reason I love supergirl is because it is a girl saving the world. It speaks to the inner feminist in me and I would imagine many women feel the same way as I do. A woman can kick ass just as much as men and why shouldn’t they? I mean we are awesome!

The 4 episode crossover invasion starts off in Supergirl which I think was a great choice because she is the newest member of the DC series family. It was a great way to introduce her to the other heroes that fans already know. While the premise for the major crossover is exciting, I found the way that the creative team brought all 4 shows together to be absolutely brilliant. Barry and Cisco (The flash) enter Supergirl’s universe in the last minute or so of her 8th episode of the season. Barry calmly tells Kara he needs her help and BAM the episode ends! No worries, though, because the creative team literally give the audience an instruction of where to look next. They begin the end credits with ‘to be continued on THE FLASH’ I mean, how is that for sneaky?

This idea of a treasure hunt continues through the invasion with every episode leading the audience to their next port of call in the end credits. DC takes us (the audience) from Supergirl to The Flash to Arrow and Lastly to Legends of Tomorrow and it is fantastic! Besides for being completely amazed by the production and direction of this event, the shows were actually incredibly entertaining and exciting. There was everything from time travel to memory flashbacks, to universe jumps to insane fight scenes. There was everything a dedicated fan could ask for.

What makes this event even more fantastic is the fact that it corresponds to Arrow’s 100th episode. I think it was a great decision to celebrate the success of Arrow by including all the other superheroes. In the Arrow part of the event, I did not feel like I was forgetting about Arrow because of everyone else. I felt like I was part of a celebration that celebrated how far the show has come.

My mind was completely blown by this crazy experience and I loved every minute of it. The studio did an amazing job of coordinating this and I really hope they are brave enough to do it again because it was truly EPIC!

Do yourself a favour and go watch the 4 episode cross over the invasion, you won’t regret it….

*lights out*




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