Michael Buble + Derek Hough = A beautiful music video

Hi guys,

So Michael Buble released his new music video for his original single “I believe in you” on Friday (10 Feb 2017) He partnered with Derek Hough, for those of you who do not know, an exceptional dancer and choreographer. Derek has been a part of the Dancing with the star’s family since season 5 and at the end of last year played the role of Corney Collins in the NBC’S live extravagance of Hairspray.

I CLEARLY needed another reason to love Mr Buble and he gave me one. This video is beautiful. It follows the story of a couple. They meet when they are young children and live a life of ups and downs. Derek does an amazing job of matching the lyrics with beautiful choreography. The video itself is what a music video should be. A means to a better understanding of the song. There are no mixed messages here. The song and the video connect beautifully to emphasise the message of true love and believing.

Even before the video was released I have loved this song. It is such a positive song. You do not need crude language, explicit ideas and age restrictions to make music. Sometimes the purity of value, love, and trust is actually enough. This song is a song that will last for years and years because of the message… I believe in you and we can do anything- together.

Have a look at this wonderful video on YouTube and let me know your thoughts…



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