Boss Baby (2017)

In a world where animation films can be of the highest quality, is there really space for a mediocre film driven by a baby in a suit? I am not convinced…

I recently watched the newest Dreamworks animation film “Boss Baby” and I, unfortunately, need to report that I was not impressed. I got it but I didn’t love it. The film is about a baby who runs a baby company. The company is responsible for sorting through all the babies up in heaven (I think) and sending them to the right families. However, certain babies are not suited for family life and are sent to management. It already sounds implausible right?

Some of you might turn around and tell me that other animated films include talking fish, Ogres and escaping zoo animals so how can I call a talking baby implausible? Well here is my issue; Animations these days are no longer solely designed for children. Within many of our favourite animated films, there are antidotes that appeal to adults. There are characters that children do not fully understand- there is simply something for everyone. This is achieved through clever storytelling, beautiful animation and relatable character profiling.

This film, although having potential, lacked these elements. The part of the film that drew me in the most, was Tim. The 7-year-old boy who receives this ‘Boss’ of a baby brother. His imagination and emotion were the only attributes that drove me to keep watching. However, even this character does not really go anywhere. No one really grows in this film and it results in the film feeling very predictable.

My 11-year-old brother found the film to be hilarious, which is good because ultimately, for a film like this, it is going to be children who drive the sales. But in terms of this film becoming legendary like films such as Finding Nemo, or creating a franchise like Madagascar, I highly doubt it. And to be frank I truly expect more from a cooperation Like Dreamworks Animation… The medium of animation is a powerful tool and it deserves to be treated with respect in order to create high-qualityy entertainment that the entire family can enjoy.

*lights out*




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