Jane the wonderful (2017)

Hi all,

Some of you might be familiar with the series “Jane the virgin” The series which has just ended its third season is about a woman, Jane, and her interesting yet ironic life. From the title you can guess that there is a story line intertwined with being a virgin, however, the show is so much more than just this stock plot.  Without giving details away (for those of you who have yet to watch this show) there are twists and turns at every corner. I caught onto this series about 4 months ago and am whizzing through it with great enjoyment.  Yes, a lot of the story revolves around Jane and her triumphant promise to her grandmother to not lose her virginity before she gets married but there is truly so many others levels to this wonderful character and creative story.

I have many feelings towards this show. I love the characters. Each character is so funny in their own way and the chemistry between the cast is unmistakably wonderful. But it is what the show sets out to symbolise that really makes an impact on me. People of today are so desensitised to so much because of how we are exposed to it on TV and in the Movies.  No one flinches anymore when someone bleeds to death, medical TV has opened up a whole new world about what goes on in hospitals (Still love you Shonda), relationships have taken a whole new perspective and sexual affiliations are no longer kept secret. There are some amazing transgender actors who are making huge splashes on our screens.

Let me make something clear before I move on. I do not believe that in the 21st century we can act naive to all the different types of people in this world. And I do not believe that individuals should be shamed because of who they are or who they love. As the fantastic Mr Lin Manual Miranda said “Love is love is love is love” However, personally, I still value tradition, manners and good old family entertainment. No matter how much our world changes or how loud self-expression becomes, I still believe that there will always be a place for happiness and goodness minus the blood, death, violence and explicit sex. That side of entertainment is not for everyone and a show like ‘Jane the Virgin’ is proof of just that. Obviously, this creative team believed there was a market for a show that preaches respect and tradition and I AM SO HAPPY THEY WERE RIGHT.

Jane is the most wonderful character because she keeps her values close to her heart. During every twist or tempting situation the character is in, she finds a way to prevail and keep her promise to her grandmother. Now, if that is not a role model than I have no idea what is. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to look up to a woman who respects her elders, chases her dream career, values her body and will do anything in her power to keep her family safe? Gina Rodrigues does the most beautiful job of keeping this character alive and I can fully understand why she has received the kind of publicity and recognition that she has.

These kinds of shows make me so excited because it goes to show that the power of good really can elicit success. If you have not had the chance to watch this show I would strongly suggest you do. Because besides for it being a beacon of positivity in the TV world, the show is hilarious and completely entertaining. I cannot wait to see what happens to Jane because I know that she will always make the right decision and that makes her a character I can rely on.

*Lights out*





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