Pretty Little Liars- End Game

4 years ago I was looking for a series to watch. A friend suggested I give this highly controversial show a try. I say highly controversial because I had heard such mixed opinions about the series.

A week later I had finished 2 whole seasons.

In a short week, I was completely hooked. The show became my newest obsession. Now here we sit, 7 seasons in, plenty of A options out and a huge season finale reveal that I am still trying to wrap my head around. As I watched the reveal unravel I could not sit still. I was pacing up and down my lounge because I was trying to make sense of the information overload that was held within ‘Till death do us part’

I still cannot believe that the show is over and that the complicated lives of Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Allison have come to a series end. I will miss these wonderful characters and the countless adventures that we went on together…

If you haven’t yet subjected yourself to the finale than I suggest you stop reading and/or climb out from the rock that you are hiding under. Throughout the 7 seasons we have seen a few different versions of ‘A’ the antagonist that has been running the show. At first it was Mona, original ‘A’. She was trying to get revenge over evil Ally and her following of friends. Then it was Charlotte, Allison’s sister/brother (she transgendered from Charles to Charlotte in season 6) Who stole the A game from Mona creating Big ‘A.’ Charlotte or Cece, became ‘A’ because she wanted to get Ally’s attention and punish the ‘liars’ for coming to terms with Alley’s disappearance. Once Cece was killed, there was a short period of peace for the Liars. This only added fuel to the fire and Uber ‘A’ (AD) comes to light. ‘AD’ was so much worse than all the A’s of the past and in the season finale, it is reveled that Spencer has a secret, evil, British, twin sister who is in fact AD!!


In the last episode of the series, we find out that Alex Drake (get it? AD?) wants to become Spencer to such an extent that she asks her boyfriend Wren (remember him from the early seasons?) to shoot her in the exact same place as Spencer’s bullet wound! There were so many great moments during the finale but one of the most impactful scenes for me was when Alex tells Spencer she intends to take over her life entirely. Spencer asks her if she thinks her friends will believe her and Alex reveals that she has already been pretending to be Spencer for a while. Following this conversation previous scenes are shown where Spencer was really Alex! This brought it home for me. It was Alex who told Hannah she would be ok when she was being tortured. It was Alex who kissed Toby goodbye and It was Alex who slept with Toby right after Yvonne’s Death! How freaky!

There is so much I want to say, which is why this post is so delayed… I have heard many different opinions. Some people are saying they knew, some people are telling me they were underwhelmed. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think it was brilliant! I for one, had no idea it would end in the way it did. Even though the opinions about the identity of AD differ, there is one thing everyone agrees on. We are all happy about how the series concluded the actors story lines and everyone is glad that Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ally landed up with their true loves- It is always nice to see a ‘meant to be’ be.

The finale could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication from the actors and the production team. It is evident that the entire crew worked so hard to make this show such a success. Having said this, there are two points that I feel need some praise… The first is the writing. The fact that the incredible Marlene King was able to transport this story from book to TV and then execute it in such an effortless, relatable and glamourous way is just amazing. Writers do not get enough credit!!! The writers are responsible for putting all the crazy twists and turns onto a piece of paper in such a way that everyone else believes that this story is a possibility. I am in awe of Marlene King’s ability to tell story; her talent is truly magical.

The second part of this whole situation that has me in a twist is Troian Bellisario. After I watched the finale I was in such a state of disbelieve that I read up almost every article I could find about the inception of this ending. In many of the articles that I read, I noticed that Troian stated that she had known she was going to be playing twins for a while before the last season even took place. The rest of the cast however, did not know from the beginning they found out at the end. Troian’s talent aside, I cannot believe how she kept the secret and took it on with such grace, elegance and strength. I can only imagine how difficult and yet exciting it must have been for her to act like a twin acting like her original character. Without her cast mates knowing!

Yes, all the liars got their happy endings but do you know who else managed to finish the game on a sweet note? No other than Mona, nerdy Mona, A Mona, call her what you will but Mona was on the good side of the equation all along. She won the game back! She helped the liars find Spencer and Ezra and in doing so, stole the game from Alex and locked her and Mary in a dollhouse. Ain’t Karma a funny thing…

Now that we have seen the end we know that this show was not just about secrets. It was about friendhsip, it showed us how imporatnt it is to stick by the people who always have your back. I will miss the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, that I am going to re-watch it all over again… Thank you, Marlene, thank you, Liars, Thank you freeform…

As Alison Delaurentis once said “It’s Immortatility, my darlings,”



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