Creating a drug addict

One of the most interesting makeup looks I have had to design was a drug addict for an addiction awareness art installation event. Designing each scar and tear was challenging but latex is always fun. Some photos of the experience… Model: Jenna Echakowitz Make up and styling: Natalia Blumenthal xxx   Advertisements

Fun in Black and White

Even though I am a huge fan of bright colours, I really appreciate the detail that goes into creating Black and white images. Sometimes taking colour away can really highlight the beauty and emotion in a photo… MAKEUP ARTIST: Natalia Blumenthal PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jenna Echakowitz MODEL: Cassi Gewer xxx

Accidents Happen

While putting together my portfolio the last few weeks, I completed a section on SFX makeup. The concept was all about abuse. Abuse of one’s self, abuse from another,¬†abuse of a substance. -No one was hurt in the process. All injuries you see are completely created by me and my makeup kit- Models: Cassi Gewer,…

What it takes to fly…

We were asked to create a look inspired by birds and the idea of flight. It needed to be beautiful, slick and different from something we had done before. This was what I came up with… Model: Ashlee Zlotnick Photography: Jenna Echakowitz Makeup & Styling: Natalia Blumenthal


Models: Cassi Gewer, Jenna Echakowitz and Clarissa Taljaard Makeup & Styling: Natalia Blumenthal Photo credits: Jenna Echakowitz & Natalia Blumenthal