Whats the Big deal about the Little Lies- part 2.

Hi everyone,

As promised, here is part two of my Big Little Lies review… We have discussed the TV version, now let’s talk about the book.


The book is fantastic! Big little lies was originally a book written by Liane Moriarty. The book follows the same story line as the series however some details and concepts are different. Which makes sense obviously because if you are planning to bring something to TV, you need to ensure that there is enough to keep the audience interested visually. I do not want to give away all the differences however there is one main difference that really makes the world of difference.

In the TV series, the story is lead by the adults. The parents in the story really lead the way which makes it feel like you are seeing this story play out with adult eyes. It works, don’t get me wrong, but it feels kind of usual. Big concepts, serious issues, adult eyes. In the book, however, it feels as if the story is being led by the children. And no, that does not mean it is written in a childish way. You just really understand how the adult’s actions affect the children which make it an interesting read.

My biggest issue with the series was all the driving that takes place. I forever felt like the adults were just driving around. For a girl that gets motion sickness, it was just too much driving for me! But that is not a factor in the book so I felt like I could really focus on the story. Something that really seemed to work for me was the casting, as I read the book the casting of the TV series totally made sense. I could understand why the actresses who were chosen were chosen.  I must say, I enjoyed this aspect. Having an idea of what the characters looked like, how they spoke and how they interacted with each other based on the Series.

If you are the type of person who likes to read a book before watching the movie/series than I think you might be disappointed with the series. But if you watched the series and enjoy books then definitely read the book. You will enjoy reading the story and the series will actually make more sense. I really loved the book, there were moments where I really did not want to put it down! The book may seem long at 500 or so pages, but it actually is a quick read. There are even some unexpected twists that are not part of the TV version….

Happy reading 🙂




Bollywood Blonde by Gene Gualdi

Hi everyone,

I just finished reading an awesome book called Bollywood Blonde. The book is written by a South African author,photographer and creative, Gene Gualdi. Gene was living and working in the film industry in Cape Town and was picked up by an Indian producer and offered a job in India. What started out as a 6-month stint turned into a 6-year adventure full of ups and downs. What first drew me to the book was the idea that a young South African, just like me, could find herself with a ‘dream’ job in an exotic country. Since I study film, it seemed like a perfect book for me to read. As I began to read the book I came to understand that Gene’s story is so much more than just an adventure, her book is a brave testimony of an experience that changed her life.

Throughout the book, I caught myself thinking ‘how did she do it?’ How did she leave her family for something completely unknown?  How did she trust a man she didn’t even know? How did she wake up at 4:30AM every morning? How did she stay excited and positive when all she wanted to do was crash? How, How and How?? The conclusion that I came to; bravery, passion and an enormous sense of adventure!

The book is written in such a wonderful way, there is no wafting. As you read the first sentence you are immediately transported into Gene’s world. The story is so fast paced that I simply could not stop reading it in fear that I would miss something. (As a slow reader being able to finish the book so quickly makes quite the statement) There are no fancy words taking up space for lack of story. Gene tells it like it is and I loved it.

The book is her true story about her time spent in India. It follows her dramatic life there and introduces the reader to all the amazing people she met along the way. The book is an honest roller coaster ride culminating in a dramatic event that changes Gene’s entire mindset. The book is not only about India but rather it is about adventure, self-realisation, the not so glamorous film industry and how a little bravery can go a long way.

I MOST DEFIANTLY recommend this book to not only aspiring filmmakers but to anyone who loves a true story. I found her story inspiring and it has given me a new perspective about filmmaking and self-confidence. I sincerely hope this book becomes a movie one day because what an exciting movie it would be!

*lights out*