Not so perfect, beautiful cracks…

The following collection of photos highlight the beauty and artistry that goes into creating cracks using makeup application. These makeups were used to create a Halloween themed music video. The video combined makeup and dance in a spooky yet beautiful manner.



Check out the Demolished Porcelain dance video on youtube:

Makeup was done by Glitter Pixies AKA Natalia Blumenthal & Ashlee Zlotnick

Facebook: Glitter Pixies

Photography was done by Ashlee Zlotnick

Dancers and models were apart of the following dance crews:

Lineage Crew:

Havock Crew:

Rogue Crew:

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LA LA land (2017)

Hi all,

So If you have not heard about the film LA LA LAND, you are living under a rock… La la land is a modern day musical that is making the rounds in a big BIG way at the moment. The film broke records when it won every category it was nominated for at the Golden Globes and is going to be the most nominated film at the Academy Awards this year… (My bet is that it actually wins for best film, let’s see if I am right) I recently finally had the chance to go and watch this film, was a unique experience.

I usually see a film and come home to write about it strait away but I felt like I needed to marinade in this film before I could put all my thoughts down.  This film is so wonderfully different. It is like nothing that has been on screen for a really long time. It is fun, colourful, charming, romantic, magical and cinematically, it is a treat! I left the cinema feeling like I had had my eyes opened. Not to anything too intense but to something that was just a breath of fresh air. I feel like this is why this movie is getting such good responses and is killing it at awards season this year. I feel like people are really enjoying something different being shown on their big screens.

The more I have been thinking about this film, the bigger impact it is having on me… Here is the thing, though, it starts off slow and it took me a while to get into the film. However, the film began to move swiftly along when Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were on screen together. The film is certainly about these two characters and they make it what it is. No wonder Emma Stone is winning all the awards- she is wonderful as the protagonist Mia. I felt like Ryan suited his role. I didn’t LOVE his character, I found him to be a bit full of himself, however, I loved when the two characters were together. They seemed to balance each other while still challenging each other. It was a fun dynamic.

My favourite part of the film was the idea that Director, Damien Chazelle, wanted. He wanted to create an old Hollywood type musical in modern day LA. He absolutely achieved this goal and I feel like he can be proud of that fact. The film was set in 2016 but the themes were very much old Hollywood which I loved. It made me feel like class, elegance and magic really can exist in our fast past, technological driven world. Watching a film that brought this idea to life made me remember why I decided to go into the entertainment industry in the first place. A moment that stood out for me was when Mia and Sebastian (the protagonists) are taking a walk and the view is breathtakingly magnificent. They begin to tap dance (YES TAP DANCING MAKES AN APPEARANCE AND IT IS FANTASTIC!) It feels very much like a Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire moment, and then Mia’s phone rings and she picks up her 21st Centaury iPhone.

Let’s go back for a moment to the Tap Dancing thing… yes, there is Tap Dancing in La La land and I loved it! Tap dancing is such a wonderful style of dance and Mandy Moore (the dancer not the actress) did such a fantastic job of choreographing it. She really mastered the concept of old Hollywood in modern times and I was completely engaged in the dance routines that she put together. The dancing felt so natural and comfortable to the performers. I have loved Mandy Moore’s work since I saw her work on ‘So you think you can dance’ and this film made me love her work all over again.

All in all, I get why this film is being recognised so much. It is a wonderful film. And I think it deserves the press that it is getting. Was it the most exciting film I have ever watched- not really but it was incredibly romantic and it left me with butterflies in my stomach. This film is truly for “the fools who dream”

My vote is that film is going to grab all the Oscars it has been nominated for, so watch this space!

*lights out*



West Side Story- 1 Feb 2017

Hi everyone,

Last night I had the absolute privilege of attending the official opening night of the South African version of West Side Story. This musical has already completed a successful run in Cape Town and now it is finally Jozi’s chance to witness this master piece. However, I feel, that in order to truly appreciate this show one needs to understand the background from which it stems. For those of you who don’t know, West Side Story is based on the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a story about forbidden love and everything that comes along with it. The play in itself is not a complicated storyline however as I watched the musical unfold last night I was left shocked at how relevant and pertinent this story still is today.

The narrative is about two gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, who despise one another and want sole ownership of the territory. As ‘Romeo and Juliet’ then goes, one of the Jets falls in love with a young Shark. But here is the Twist, the reason why the Jets dislike the Sharks to such an extent is because the Sharks are immigrants who have left Puerto Rico and are now living in America. The young girl, Maria, moved to America with her family and is now trying to make a life for herself. In doing so, she falls in love with Tony and this is where the trouble starts. I do not want to give away the entire story line but everything makes an appearance in this story- Death, love, commitment, immigration, hope. It is kind of all twisted together to create the most wonderful production.

Technically, this production is spot on. I am consistently impressed with the quality of South African talent. After every show I see, I always comment on the talent that is shown on stage. I admire actors and actresses for their unconditional bravery. Whether that be singing on stage, talking on stage, dancing on stage or whatever else they do on stage, their bravery to do so constantly impresses me. Lynelle Kenned who played the lead role, Maria, stole the show for me. Her voice is beautiful and her portrayal of Maria was so believable and yet it didn’t feel forced. I really enjoyed watching her on stage.

Another performance that stood out for me was Bianca Le Grange’s portrayal of Anita. The character of Anita is feisty, confident and loud however I felt Bianca brought a sense of calmness to the character. Anita goes through a lot during the narrative of the production and the way Bianca played the ups and downs was really wonderful. She showed the audience both strength and vulnerability when needed. Her voice, by the way, out of this world!

I am an art department baby. In the final year of my degree I specialized in Special Effects makeup. This is why I loved the parts of the production that included SFX. The show made use of false blood which can sometimes loose effect on stage. Having said this, the SFX that was used in this production was just right! It was bright enough to make an impact but not in your face that it looked false. I haven’t seen these kind of effects used on stage before and I must say, it really added a whole new side to the show.

West Side Story is not your typical ‘glitzy’ musical. There is a roughness and a strength to the musical that feels almost male driven. However, since the show is about forbidden love, the female energy as well as the male energy provide a wonderful contradiction that seems to balance out. The boys are violence driven, they want to fight. Each side wants to be the winner but, I felt, that the woman allowed me to relate even more to the story. The men might be fighting for dominance but the woman are fighting to create a liberating life for themselves, with their men by their sides of course. I really enjoyed watching this dynamic be played out on stage.

West Side Story is the type of musical that feeds my theater obsession. Reason being that this show explores more than an over the top dance sequence. It shows off life. It shows the audience what they are experiencing and the audience responds. And it is this transaction between audience and cast that fascinates me. On stage last night I watched actors pretend to be characters that were going through situations but what I took from it was so much more. Good old Shakespeare knew what he was talking about!

Congratulations to the entire team that put together this musical, it was well worth the wait.

West Side Story is on at the Joburg Theater until the 5th of March, DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

*lights out*