Saturday Night Fever in South Africa

Hi all, Last night I was fortunate enough to go and watch the South African production of Saturday Night Fever. Ironically enough, it is one of the only musicals I had not see before and I was excited to go to a musical with no expectations or ideas about what the production 'should' be like. …

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Bollywood Blonde by Gene Gualdi

Hi everyone, I just finished reading an awesome book called Bollywood Blonde. The book is written by a South African author,photographer and creative, Gene Gualdi. Gene was living and working in the film industry in Cape Town and was picked up by an Indian producer and offered a job in India. What started out as …

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Troye Sivan

Hi guys, So this past weekend saw the annual BIlboard music awards in Las vagas. It's a really great awards show because it recognizes all the music that we listen to on the radio. This year there were some great performances and there is one that has really stuck with me.  Troye Sivan was born …

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