Effie Trinket

I love recreating over the top makeup looks which have been worn by fictional characters. These pictures are my version of the Popular ‘Effie Trinket’ from the hunger games. Her makeup and style were so much to recreate!

IMG_7154IMG_7165IMG_7169IMG_7171Model: Lauren Boy

Makeup and styling: Natalia Blumenthal

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Creating a Horror film

DISCLAIMER: I hate horror films! However, I love creating them!

Last year I was privileged enough to create a short horror film for one of my graduation projects. The film was called ‘Watch me Bleed’ and it was one hell of an Experience! In honour of Halloween, I thought I would share some behind the scenes and Makeup photos from the 4-day shoot. I got to show off my Speical Effects and Prosthetic makeup talents. To name a few things I created: a monster, a false hand, lots of gross burns, some messed up nails, a fake heart and much more!

Please note: everything you see here is false and all injuries are purely created by Makeup

A false hand prosthetic:


A gelatine heart:


Homemade thorns:IMG_7341

A homemade monster:IMG_7607

A prosthetic burn:IMG_7608IMG_7605IMG_7616

Pulled off finger nails:IMG_7619

The festival poster:IMG_8577

All makeup, styling and SFX work was done by myself, Natalia Blumenthal.

*lights out*



Not so perfect, beautiful cracks…

The following collection of photos highlight the beauty and artistry that goes into creating cracks using makeup application. These makeups were used to create a Halloween themed music video. The video combined makeup and dance in a spooky yet beautiful manner.



Check out the Demolished Porcelain dance video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrOD5r455kA

Makeup was done by Glitter Pixies AKA Natalia Blumenthal & Ashlee Zlotnick

Facebook: Glitter Pixies

Photography was done by Ashlee Zlotnick

Dancers and models were apart of the following dance crews:

Lineage Crew: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage-Crew-SA-600493780108738/?fref=ts

Havock Crew: https://www.facebook.com/Havock_Crew-628600593861970/?fref=ts

Rogue Crew: https://www.facebook.com/RogueCrew/?fref=ts

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Creating a drug addict

One of the most interesting makeup looks I have had to design was a drug addict for an addiction awareness art installation event. Designing each scar and tear was challenging but latex is always fun. Some photos of the experience…


Model: Jenna Echakowitz

Make up and styling: Natalia Blumenthal



Fun in Black and White

Even though I am a huge fan of bright colours, I really appreciate the detail that goes into creating Black and white images. Sometimes taking colour away can really highlight the beauty and emotion in a photo…


MAKEUP ARTIST: Natalia Blumenthal

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jenna Echakowitz

MODEL: Cassi Gewer


Anciant Egypt

I was recently asked to create a ‘double page spread’ effect photo within the theme of ancient Egypt. I was very nervous about this project because it required a lot of research and a lot of time-consuming work. However, making all the accessories and dressing the models turned out to be a lot of fun…

dsc_0028dsc_0073dsc_0063dsc_0061Models: Jenna Echakowitz & Jayce Davin

Photographer: Ashlee Zlotnick

Stylist and makeup artist: Natalia Blumenthal