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Jane the wonderful (2017)

Hi all, Some of you might be familiar with the series “Jane the virgin” The series which has just ended its third season is about a woman, Jane, and her interesting yet ironic life. From the title you can guess that there is a story line intertwined with being a virgin, however, the show is… Continue reading Jane the wonderful (2017)

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What’s the Big deal about the Little Lies?

Hi guys, TV is taking over the world. As TV becomes more raw, more honest and way more twisted the act within itself is becoming an addiction... I just finished the first season of the series 'Big Little Lies' which seems to have made a big splash in the TV world and I have very… Continue reading What’s the Big deal about the Little Lies?


Four- Night Crossover invasion- DC

Hi guys, OK so I am not the biggest superhero fan and I am not claiming to be, however, the latest 4 episode crossover extravaganza from DC was EPIC! I watched the network's superhero shows on and off since The Flash started. I love the idea of bringing comics to TV, it seems like a… Continue reading Four- Night Crossover invasion- DC