Grey’s Anatomy turns 300

Last night in America, Grey’s Anatomy aired their 300th episode… 300, can you even begin to contextualise how many episodes that is? How many nights’s the cast stayed up to shoot? How many times each actor’s scrub costume was washed? How many times Shonda sat in the editing suit trying to figure out the best way to piece her artwork together? It is remarkable how this show has gone on to create 300 episodes. 300 episodes does not only mean that the cast, crew and creative teams were able to create this work but it means the fans, You and I, wanted 300 episodes. We demanded 300 episodes and we deserve 300 more episodes. Because Grey’s Anatomy is not part of our lives and how can it not be? After 300 episodes, 14 seasons, 12 years and countless tears later this show, world, story, is part of our lives. We have earned 300 episodes.

Personal feelings aside, one has to admire the brains behind such a revolution. Shonda Rhimes. Creator, queen, producer, queen. Without her 300 episodes would never have been possible. She revolutionized TV. She created a world where doctors had lives and patients mattered and everyone had feelings which were and are expressed through her story. Her world, Grey Sloan memorial Clinic, is home to some of our worst fears, our greatest memories and our future goals.  She did this. Her imagination created a place that helps audiences work through some of their most difficult times. I know just how much Grey’s Anatomy has helped me and I am positive I am not the only one.

Shonda wrote a beautiful essay on her website about how she feels about this massive Grey’s Anatomy milestone and I thought it would be appropriate to share some of it with you all. She speaks about the first scene she ever filmed with the cast and the impression that it made on her. She speaks about how she feels that this dream of hers became a reality and she speaks about how the essence of the show lies within not only the strong characters she has created but within the strong women that carry this world to new heights constantly.

“I’ll tell you a secret. That’s me in that show. Not literally but… yeah, kinda literally. Season after season, pieces of my life are on that screen. I wrote myself into every character. I wrote my own histories. My heartbreaks. My loves. My family and my friends. My victories and my disasters. My life is in every episode. Who I am is in every episode. For me, the show is sort of a diary — I can watch it and know exactly what was going on in my real life when an episode was written.Writing “Grey’s” gave me a way to make sense of my life, to put order to it. To work out problems. To imagine. To grieve and to dream and to rejoice. I kept waiting for it to end. For people to be over it. To be done. But… fans are an extraordinary group of people.” [Shonda, 2017]

The truth is, we, the fans are extraordinary because we not only appreciate how much effort goes into creating the show but because we also see ourselves within the show. I see myself in the show. I see some of the best parts of me in the show and I also see some of my worst attributes in the show. It is why I connect so strongly with the show.  I could go on for hours about how much Grey’s Anatomy means to me however I will end off by saying this. Congratulations to the entire team who work day in and day out to bring us entertainment. Your work is brilliant and I am grateful for it…. to 300 more… ❤

For the full essay written by Shonda Rhimes go to: Shondaland


Shondaland. (2017). Three Hundred Episodes Later… . [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Nov. 2017].


Top 10 series to watch right now!

Hi guys,

I LOVE watching series. It all started 4 years ago when I began my journey at film school. I was at film school and I took up series watching- Kind of ironic…  The timing of my new hobby could not have been better because we have seen such a rise in phenomenal series creation in the past few years. From comedy to drama, to horror and mystery, there really is a series for everyone out there!

I get asked so often what I am watching or what is good to watch because I do not enjoy watching rubbish. Therefore, I have decided to put together a list of my top 10 favourite series that I am watching right now. There are so many different series to choose from that I love! However, if I had to list every single one of my favourite shows you would be reading forever. So I have tried to limit my list to series that are on TV currently, or that can be found on streaming platforms like Netflix and Showmax. So here goes…

10.  Sex and the City


I recently started binge watching this classic series and I am so glad that I did! Women power is on trend right now (and forever) and this series is just full of it. Four friends sharing and enjoying all of life’s ups and downs together. What is there not to love?

9. The Bold Type

The bold type

If you have read some of my other posts, you would notice that I am a fan of Freeform and the TV that they create. Well, the network has signed on to air another wonderful Series called ‘The Bold Type.’ Following on in the spirit of Girl power, The Bold Type follows three girls on their career journey at a high fashion magazine. Apparently, this series is loosely based on the lives of the Girls who work at Cosmopolitan magazine. Whether this is true, I cannot confirm, however, I can say that if you are looking for a light and yet touching series to binge watch on a Saturday night, this is the series for you.

8.  Fuller House

fuller house

Do you remember the old hit show ‘Full House?’ Well, three seasons ago, Netflix decided to resurrect the much-loved characters from this fun and family loving show and create a spin-off titled ‘Fuller House.’ The new version is filled with the same heart and soul which caused everyone to fall in love with the original. Family, Love, laughter and a whole lot of awww moments are what this series is made off!

7. Jane the Virgin

new jane the virgin

I have written about this hilarious series before and I am mentioning it yet again. The reason for this is because this series is just so heartwarming. The story is sweet but it is the chemistry and talent of the cast that makes this series one of my favourites. The show has just embarked on their fourth season and I cannot wait to see what Jane gets up to next. Gina Rodriguez has done such an amazing job of creating such a relatable and lovable character that I just want to be best friends with Jane and sit around having coffee watching little Mateo play… (Watch the show, you will know what I mean)

6. Supergirl


Ok, so I know there are many people out there who are not convinced of this show. I have heard many different (negative) comments about Supergirl and while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I must admit that I love this show. It is one of my favrotie super hero shows on TV at the moment and I am not ashamed to admit it. Considering all the girl power that is spread across the universe at the mooment, why should there not be a Supergirl on our screens?

5. Riverdale


It is not often that I love a pilot episode of a Series. However, with only 2 episodes into this mysterious show, I know it is going to be a goody! The pilot episode was so great. The show is based on the old Archy comics and it really is wonderful to see these much-loved characters come to life in the way that they do. I know season two is coming out with a bang, but since I am behind I am just going to enjoy my leisurely stroll across the small town of Riverdale. I will keep you posted!

4. Scandal/ The Fixer


First, we need to establish something. I am a complete Shonda Rhimes Fanatic. Her book ‘Year of Yes’ is basically my second Bible and her talent to tell stories motivates me every day. Scandal, or the Fixer as we know it in South Africa, is one of her best shows. Olivia Pope is a force to be reckoned with and being able to watch her ‘handle’ every situation that is thrown her way is fantastic. Unfortunately, however, the show is scheduled to end after this season and although I will be sad to see Olivia and her gladiators leave my TV schedule, I know that it is for the greater good of the show and well Shonda said so…

3. This is us

this is us

Do you remember last year a show about an unconventional Family took over the series world? If you do not remember, that is ok. Just trust me and get your hands on ‘This is us’ season 1. This show is an important piece of entertainment and I say that because the issues that the show tackles and the way in which the creators do so, is brilliant. Adoption, Weight issues, alcoholism, family, love, marriage, death, friendship and career struggles. You name it, it is there. This show is a tear-jerker, however, in the most beautiful way. When watching this show you do not only cry because there are sad moments but you cry because even the happy moments are so damn truthful!

2.  Younger


Surprisingly, not many people have heard of this show. I say surprisingly because it has a cast full of stars, a story that makes you want to know how it ends and fashion that is out of this world. Sutton Foster plays Liza Miller, 40-year-old publicists who pretend to be in her 20s for the sake of the job. Sutton, who is a Broadway star, takes on this role with such poise. I happen to think it is her best TV role yet! Hillary Duff also makes a comeback, playing Liza’a best friend, and it is great to watch her on TV again. This show is entering their fifth season and I am very happy that they are. If you are looking for a lighthearted, funny and fashionable series to curl up with after a long day at work. ‘Younger’ has you covered.



When trying to decide what my favourite series is, it is a pretty easy decision. If you have never watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ then I am sorry and suggest that you give it a try. The show has just started their 14th season! This show is basically iconic. Shonda Rhimes created this medical drama in the hopes of diversifying TV. ‘Grey’ Anatomy” was one of the first shows to show people that race, religion or sexual orientation is not exclusive and does not really matter at the end of the day. Anyone can be anything. A model can be a fantastic doctor, a lesbian woman can believe in G-d, a commitment-phobe can get married and an academic genius who happens to be Korean and raised in a Jewish home can run her own hospital in Switzerland. I rewatch this brilliant show on a regular basis and it always amazes me that I can rewatch the same episode a hundred times and still find something new that I relate to… Grey’s Anatomy you have my heart ❤

And there you have it, my top 10 favourite shows on TV right now. Let me know what you think of my top 10 picks and let me know if you have any suggestions of shows I should watch. I would love to hear them!



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Whats the Big deal about the Little Lies- part 2.

Hi everyone,

As promised, here is part two of my Big Little Lies review… We have discussed the TV version, now let’s talk about the book.


The book is fantastic! Big little lies was originally a book written by Liane Moriarty. The book follows the same story line as the series however some details and concepts are different. Which makes sense obviously because if you are planning to bring something to TV, you need to ensure that there is enough to keep the audience interested visually. I do not want to give away all the differences however there is one main difference that really makes the world of difference.

In the TV series, the story is lead by the adults. The parents in the story really lead the way which makes it feel like you are seeing this story play out with adult eyes. It works, don’t get me wrong, but it feels kind of usual. Big concepts, serious issues, adult eyes. In the book, however, it feels as if the story is being led by the children. And no, that does not mean it is written in a childish way. You just really understand how the adult’s actions affect the children which make it an interesting read.

My biggest issue with the series was all the driving that takes place. I forever felt like the adults were just driving around. For a girl that gets motion sickness, it was just too much driving for me! But that is not a factor in the book so I felt like I could really focus on the story. Something that really seemed to work for me was the casting, as I read the book the casting of the TV series totally made sense. I could understand why the actresses who were chosen were chosen.  I must say, I enjoyed this aspect. Having an idea of what the characters looked like, how they spoke and how they interacted with each other based on the Series.

If you are the type of person who likes to read a book before watching the movie/series than I think you might be disappointed with the series. But if you watched the series and enjoy books then definitely read the book. You will enjoy reading the story and the series will actually make more sense. I really loved the book, there were moments where I really did not want to put it down! The book may seem long at 500 or so pages, but it actually is a quick read. There are even some unexpected twists that are not part of the TV version….

Happy reading 🙂



Jane the wonderful (2017)

Hi all,

Some of you might be familiar with the series “Jane the virgin” The series which has just ended its third season is about a woman, Jane, and her interesting yet ironic life. From the title you can guess that there is a story line intertwined with being a virgin, however, the show is so much more than just this stock plot.  Without giving details away (for those of you who have yet to watch this show) there are twists and turns at every corner. I caught onto this series about 4 months ago and am whizzing through it with great enjoyment.  Yes, a lot of the story revolves around Jane and her triumphant promise to her grandmother to not lose her virginity before she gets married but there is truly so many others levels to this wonderful character and creative story.

I have many feelings towards this show. I love the characters. Each character is so funny in their own way and the chemistry between the cast is unmistakably wonderful. But it is what the show sets out to symbolise that really makes an impact on me. People of today are so desensitised to so much because of how we are exposed to it on TV and in the Movies.  No one flinches anymore when someone bleeds to death, medical TV has opened up a whole new world about what goes on in hospitals (Still love you Shonda), relationships have taken a whole new perspective and sexual affiliations are no longer kept secret. There are some amazing transgender actors who are making huge splashes on our screens.

Let me make something clear before I move on. I do not believe that in the 21st century we can act naive to all the different types of people in this world. And I do not believe that individuals should be shamed because of who they are or who they love. As the fantastic Mr Lin Manual Miranda said “Love is love is love is love” However, personally, I still value tradition, manners and good old family entertainment. No matter how much our world changes or how loud self-expression becomes, I still believe that there will always be a place for happiness and goodness minus the blood, death, violence and explicit sex. That side of entertainment is not for everyone and a show like ‘Jane the Virgin’ is proof of just that. Obviously, this creative team believed there was a market for a show that preaches respect and tradition and I AM SO HAPPY THEY WERE RIGHT.

Jane is the most wonderful character because she keeps her values close to her heart. During every twist or tempting situation the character is in, she finds a way to prevail and keep her promise to her grandmother. Now, if that is not a role model than I have no idea what is. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to look up to a woman who respects her elders, chases her dream career, values her body and will do anything in her power to keep her family safe? Gina Rodrigues does the most beautiful job of keeping this character alive and I can fully understand why she has received the kind of publicity and recognition that she has.

These kinds of shows make me so excited because it goes to show that the power of good really can elicit success. If you have not had the chance to watch this show I would strongly suggest you do. Because besides for it being a beacon of positivity in the TV world, the show is hilarious and completely entertaining. I cannot wait to see what happens to Jane because I know that she will always make the right decision and that makes her a character I can rely on.

*Lights out*




What’s the Big deal about the Little Lies?

Hi guys,

TV is taking over the world. As TV becomes more raw, more honest and way more twisted the act within itself is becoming an addiction… I just finished the first season of the series ‘Big Little Lies’ which seems to have made a big splash in the TV world and I have very mixed feelings about this whole spin of lies… First, when I started the series I was unaware that the series is based on a book of the same name. Now that I know this bit of information a lot of what was bothering me on TV seems to make sense. Which is why this is going to be part one of ‘What’s the Big deal about the Little Lies” Part two will cover a review of the book- so keep a look out! But back to the series…

As TV becomes more raw, more honest and way more twisted the act within itself is becoming an addiction… I just finished the first season of the series ‘Big Little Lies’ which seems to have made a big splash in the TV world and I have very mixed feelings about this whole spin of lies… First, when I started the series I was unaware that the series is based on a book of the same name. Now that I know this bit of information a lot of what was bothering me on TV seems to make sense. Which is why this is going to be part one of ‘What’s the Big deal about the Little Lies” Part two will cover a review of the book- so keep a look out! But back to the series…

My first thought- amazing cast! The amount of talent in this show is crazy. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodly and Zoe Kravitz all work together so well. I felt like their chemistry was so real it almost felt as if there was trouble in real life which represents how talented these woman really are. The kids were also great. it must have been a difficult situation for these kids since the theme of the show is so intense. For me, the kids brought the TV element to the show. Without them, It would have felt very TV movie like rather than series.Reese is one of my favourite actresses. The way she takes on a character is beautiful. She never loses her essence but always brings the character to life. It was exciting watching her on the small screen. We are also trained to view Nicole as a movie screen actress however she brought such elegance to an obviously troubled character. It made for some fascinating TV time.

Reese is one of my favourite actresses. The way she takes on a character is beautiful. She never loses her essence but always brings the character to life. It was exciting watching her on the small screen. We are also trained to view Nicole as a movie screen actress however she brought such elegance to an obviously troubled character. It made for some fascinating TV time.

Although the cast was brilliant, I have some issues. From the moment the series started, I felt it had a very slow pace. There seemed to be a lot of driving up and down for the characters. So much screen time was spent in cars. If the cast were not busy driving, they were busy dreaming. And while I am all for a dream sequence or even a fantastic flashback, I felt confused. There were too many moments where I caught myself wondering what was the reality, what was a flashback and what was a dream? Towards the middle of the series, I decided to view the car trips and reality and the beach bits as a dream since that was the only thing really lining up for me.

I think the story was really captivating. This whole perfect exterior and messed up interior theme is so relatable and so relevant. I feel that in the past TV and film was all about escapism and glamour. Now, in the 21st-century artists want to tell real stories. They want their audience to feel the story rather than dream about it. There were such intense themes explored in the show. Rape, the struggles of being a single parent, Money and the terrifying world of marital abuse. It sometimes felt too much. ‘Big Little lies’ is a big story to tell… however, I feel that it would have translated better to a movie rather than a series which was filled up with characters driving back and fourth.

Overall, I have watched worse TV, but would I rush to watch a season 2? Maybe not, I would prefer to read the book and find out what the characters are doing without all the driving. Which is precisely what I intend to do….

Reading glasses on….

*lights out*



Four- Night Crossover invasion- DC

Hi guys,

OK so I am not the biggest superhero fan and I am not claiming to be, however, the latest 4 episode crossover extravaganza from DC was EPIC! I watched the network’s superhero shows on and off since The Flash started. I love the idea of bringing comics to TV, it seems like a clever way to ensure the characters don’t age.

I loved The first season of The Flash. I love Grant Gustin and I loved the way that he brought The Flash to life. However, for some reason, I could not get into the second season of the show. I felt a bit removed when the whole multi-universe/ time jumping /future changing thing started. It kind of felt too complicated for me but I still kept up via social media so I had an idea of what was going on in the show.

I came into the whole DC thing later on than most people and for this reason, I never watched the arrow. Not because I didn’t want to but because I felt I was too far behind. Same thing with Legends of Tomorrow. However, I am obsessed with Supergirl! I love love LOVE that show and have loved it since I watched the first episode last year. I also enjoyed watching Melissa Benoist because I knew her from Glee (my comfort series). Chyler Leigh also stars in the show and since I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, I was very happy to see her on screen again.

The another reason I love supergirl is because it is a girl saving the world. It speaks to the inner feminist in me and I would imagine many women feel the same way as I do. A woman can kick ass just as much as men and why shouldn’t they? I mean we are awesome!

The 4 episode crossover invasion starts off in Supergirl which I think was a great choice because she is the newest member of the DC series family. It was a great way to introduce her to the other heroes that fans already know. While the premise for the major crossover is exciting, I found the way that the creative team brought all 4 shows together to be absolutely brilliant. Barry and Cisco (The flash) enter Supergirl’s universe in the last minute or so of her 8th episode of the season. Barry calmly tells Kara he needs her help and BAM the episode ends! No worries, though, because the creative team literally give the audience an instruction of where to look next. They begin the end credits with ‘to be continued on THE FLASH’ I mean, how is that for sneaky?

This idea of a treasure hunt continues through the invasion with every episode leading the audience to their next port of call in the end credits. DC takes us (the audience) from Supergirl to The Flash to Arrow and Lastly to Legends of Tomorrow and it is fantastic! Besides for being completely amazed by the production and direction of this event, the shows were actually incredibly entertaining and exciting. There was everything from time travel to memory flashbacks, to universe jumps to insane fight scenes. There was everything a dedicated fan could ask for.

What makes this event even more fantastic is the fact that it corresponds to Arrow’s 100th episode. I think it was a great decision to celebrate the success of Arrow by including all the other superheroes. In the Arrow part of the event, I did not feel like I was forgetting about Arrow because of everyone else. I felt like I was part of a celebration that celebrated how far the show has come.

My mind was completely blown by this crazy experience and I loved every minute of it. The studio did an amazing job of coordinating this and I really hope they are brave enough to do it again because it was truly EPIC!

Do yourself a favour and go watch the 4 episode cross over the invasion, you won’t regret it….

*lights out*



The writers of Rosewood strike again.

Hi guys,

So I am not sure how many of you are Pretty Little liars fans and how many of you left that train way back when BUT I am here to tell you that if you ever were a visitor to the fictional town of Rosewood (through the books or the series) NOW is the time to take a trip there!

The TV series Pretty Little Liars was first aired in 2010 and now almost 7 years later, the creators, cast and crew of the show have revealed that the show will be ending in April next year. As with every show, there are always mixed reviews. While some people are OBSESSED with a certain show, others may not be as inclined to watch it- It happens- That’s entertainment. However, before I judge something I like to believe I gave it a fair chance to sway me either way.

When the show first came out I was not really in the right frame of mind to grasp the concept entirely and enjoy the show. It was only about a year ago when I decided that it was time to try the show. People had told me that the show was predictable, unrelatable, boring and cliche so you can imagine my not so high expectations for the show. I got hold of the first season and absolutely loved it! Not only were the costumes amazing but I loved the personalities of the girls and I found the storyline to be interesting. I binged watched the first and second season in about a month and fell into the pretty little liar’s cycle of OMG moments.

Unfortunately, I felt like the show lacked it’s ingenious, interesting and unique qualities during seasons 4 and 5 and I began slacking on my series watching. It wasn’t until the show had their brilliant fast forward 5 years and returned with an absolutely BANG, that my interest peaked up again. The girls were now older, more mature and had had a break from Rosewood. Even though this was a ‘fictional’ time jump, I really believe that it did well for the story and the characters. I can’t help but feel that high school was tiring out the story and it needed that extra nudge to kick back into gear.

Season 6 and 7A which just finished this week, were some of the most intense episodes I have seen on the show and I loved it. The writers did a wonderful job and the cast delivered unbelievable performances.Every episode was more exciting than the next and it has made me so excited and anxious to find out how everything unfolds in the final 10 episodes next year.

Season 7B will  air in April next year and will consist of 10 final episodes which promise to answer all the unanswered questions that the series has succeeded in keeping a secret from us all. Audiences will finally get to find out who the treacherous AD is! I can’t wait!